Message from Founder & Managing Director

Welcome to Worldtech website!

It had been more than 12 years since Worldtech Solutions Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2005. Strictly speaking, it is now coming to 14 years since the name Worldtech came into existence when the firm started out as Worldtech Infosys in 2003.

Although Worldtech has changed in terms of size and standing, the fundamentals and visions it was based upon has not changed.

I hold dearly to the original vision of having an establishment where its members can contribute not only to the firm but also to society in an environment free of office politics, to be able to work without fear or favour and ultimately, to be run by a group of people with common goals coming together to do great things!

Not least, I endeavour to lead Worldtech to greater achievements so that its members are rewarded accordingly so that they are able to continuously improve their lifestyles.

I look forward to the day when Worldtech is recognised as market leader of EMS provider not only in Malaysia but also in Asia. I truly believe with the right people and right decision, this day will come soon.

Lastly, I hope to leave a legacy of being someone that helped create an establishment that will continue to thrive and has a live of its own decades from now.

Clement Wong
Founder & Managing Director

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